Project Catalog

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

– Dwayne Johnson

My little experience in the world of software engineering is a function of the few products I have been able to work on. I have worked with great and sound minds in this small sphere. Quality assurance analysts (software engineer’s nightmare), DevOps engineers, Backend engineers using numerous technologies, project and project managers, and clients.

I have made a list of the projects I have worked on, in no particular order, and possibly my roles in these projects. I’ll be sharing the peculiarities of these projects in few words too.


iClocker is a “The ONE Mobile Solution for ALL Time and Attendance Needs“. It provides an innovative clock-in software for contemporary businesses to track employees in any location. The app uses facial recognition and Geo-Fencing technology to confirm that the user is who and where they say they are by taking selfies during clock-in.
I joined the team working on the project at a very early stage. This avails me the opportunity to build this app from ground up. I worked with about four project managers in succession, backend and frontend engineers, an iOS engineer, an array of quality assurance analyst and UI/UX experts. I learnt a lot from this project, seeing I was the only android engineer on the project. Encountered and solved business and technical challenges.


CarbonĀ® (formerly Paylater) lets you control your finances with a few clicks. You can get instant short-term loans for urgent needs, invest money to earn high-interest rates, recharge airtime on your mobile phone, and make bill payments for services.
I joined the dynamic team at One Finance and Investments (OneFi) to transform the well-known Paylater mobile app from just a loan requesting application to an all-round finance application. In my first few months at OneFi I have rolled out a number of features at an unprecedented rate. Everyday at work comes with an exciting new challenge that keeps me on my toes; giving no time to waste time at all.
We rebranded the app from Paylater to Carbon in about 4 weeks; added a feature for using new debit/credit cards for payments, and worked on prevalent bugs, thereby improving the number of crash-free sessions.
Currently, we (myself and the team) we are working on really cool new features.



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